Self-Hosted File Server and FreeFileSync Error 1314

Did you ever get this code while using FreeFileSync: “Windows Error Code 1314: A required privilege is not held by the client.“? I did. Many times. I thought it was a Linux file permission error on my Raspberry Pi 3 OMV setup, and I chmodded and chowned an unbelievable amount of times, to no effect. […]

SimpleTech SimpleShare NAS

Troubleshooting the SimpleTech SimpleShare NAS? Here are some tips. Last week, I bought a SimpleTech SimpleShare 250GB NAS (Network Attached Storage) drive off of Newegg. It comes with a handy print server, RAID capability, multiple USB HD capability, and all sorts of handy things. Now that it is running, it is actually pretty cool. It’s […]

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