George is a second-generation Taiwanese-American, a world traveler who has tasted life in five countries and 33 American states. He is an avid learner with a strong interest in technology and a background in hard and social sciences.

Through various personal and work-related efforts, he has gained experience in the fields of business, education, journalism, software development, hardware integration, networking, marketing, medicine, editing, creative writing, statistics, and analysis.

A strong work ethic, efficient project management, and effective reasoning skills has allowed George to succeed in a diversity of experiences. His ability to learn and understand core concepts has lead to tremendous growth in multiple expert areas, developing critical leadership capability in the course of exceeding expectations.


Skill Areas

Experience: Teaching

Child, young adult, and advanced education since 2007

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Skills: Technology

Computing, security, and internet technologies since 1990

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Skill: Writing and Editing

Reports, tech journalism, stories, and professional editing since 2002


Character: Leader and Learner

Leading teams and developing solutions since 2002

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Work and Education

Work and Education

Master of Business Administration (2012)

University of Maryland, University College

University of Maryland, University College

Teacher (2015-Current )

Isesaki Board of Education

Wikipedia - Isesaki City

Teacher (2009-2015)

Tatebayashi Board of Education

Wikipedia - Tatebayashi City

Teacher (2007-2009)

GEOS Language Corporation

Wikipedia - GEOS Language Corporation

Writer (2005-2007)

The Network Stability Resource


Bachelor of Economics (2006)

University of Maryland, Baltimore County

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International Marketing (2005)

Research and Development (2004)

Northrop Grumman Corporation

Wikipedia - Northrop Grumman

Learning and Qualifications

Learning and Other Education

Continuous Learning

  • 2014 – Google Analytics Academy – Analytics Platform Principles
  • 2013 – University of Toronto – Behavioral Economics
  • 2013 – UCIrvine – Emerging Trends in Virtual K12 Education
  • 2013 – Johns Hopkins – Computing for Data Analysis
  • 2013 – Harvard – ChinaX
  • 2013 – Harvard – Central Challenges of American National Security
  • 2013 – Google Analytics Academy – Digital Analytics Fundamentals
  • 2013 – Duke – Think Again – How to Reason and Argue
  • 2013 – Columbia University – Big Data in Education

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  • Music: Piano, Cello, Voice, Clarinet
  • Computing: Security, Internet of Things, Servers and Networking
  • Other: History, Writing, Childhood Education

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Languages and Culture

  • Languages: English (Native), Japanese (JLPT N2), Chinese, Spanish
  • Life: Taiwan, China, Japan, USA, Canada, Indonesia
  • Perspectives: Business, Technology, Data Science, Customer Service, Education

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  • Programming: Python, C/C++, Javascript, Linux, Windows
  • Data Science: R, RapidMiner
  • Office: Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Project
  • Web: WordPress, HTML, CSS, Google Analytics
  • Social Media: Hootsuit, IFTTT
  • Security: APTs, RATs, Phishing, Threats and Countermeasures

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  • Analysis: Systems Analysis, Finance, Critical Thinking, Lean Management, TOQ, TPS, Six Sigma
  • Management: EQ, BARS, HR, Organizational Design, International Business
  • Project Management: Critical Path/Chain, Global Coordination and Collaboration

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Publications and Projects

Publications and Projects

TGM Group

Ongoing since 2002

  • Purpose: Provide solutions to technical problems
  • Primary Tools: Ubuntu, LEMP, WordPress, KiTTTY, Cloudflare


TGM Japan

Ongoing since 2007



  • English Hour – radio broadcast in 2012



  • The Mint Supercard (2012) – a credit card linked to mobile apps for charging and payment
  • Internet Security Predictions (2012) – security threats, predictions, and threat vectors for 2013
  • Renewable Energy in South Korea and South Africa (2012) – investment analysis
  • Recommendations for Japanese Language Schools (2011) – application of the balanced score card
  • Recommendations for Japanese English Teacher Training (2011) – recommendations for teacher improvement





Gunma Prefectural Center for Education

Teacher Trainer and Project Leader

Tatebayashi City Board of Education

Project Leader/Coordinator/Editor

University of Maryland (UMUC) MBA Program
Class of 2012 Top 5% Ranking


In the News

News and Media

2015 – Gunma TV: 皆の時間:館林第2小学校

Gunma TV

2014 – Jomo Newspaper/Tatebayashi Shuttle: 親子英会話講座
Featured News


2014 – NHK News: 館林市の梅干し給食
2013 – NHK News: 館林市の熱い天気


2011 – Tatebayashi Cable TV: 館林市国際祭り

Tatebayashi CC9

2011 – Tatebayashi Shuttle: 館林市の英語研究発表
Featured News


2005 – TV Advertisement: University of Maryland Medical Center
Background Actor