Moving in Japan


Vehicle Proof of Parking Space (shako, 車庫証明書)

If selling a car, no application is necessary. If changing a name, a new registration is required. If changing an address, an address change is required. For new car purchases, a registration is required. See more at TGMJapan.

Necessary Documents

  • Personal seal or signature
  • Vehicle inspection certificate (shakensho, 車検証)
  • Proof of address change [a copy of a family registry (jyuminhyo, 住民票) or, a seal certification or sign certification (inkan shoumeisho, 印鑑登録書)]
  • Parking space notification form (application) – 1 copy
  • Parking space certification mark application form – 2 copies
  • Map of parking area  form (surroundings and local detail maps) – 1 copy
  • Proof of consent or registration for use of parking space (see below)
  • Fees (about 500 yen for registration change or 2500 for new registration + cost of application forms)

The proof of consent or registration for use of parking space can be either of the following:

  • Self certification (if land or space is owned by self)
  • Copy of consent of use document
  • Copy of parking lease contract
  • Copy of parking space receipt stating name of lessee, location, usage period, and name and mark of lessor

The police will make an appointment with you to verify your parking area documents. Read more here: Gunma, Annai-Center


Vehicle Registration

Change of address for vehicle registration requires a trip to the prefectural motor vehicle bureau. Find more information here for normal cars (locations, phone) and for kei cars (locations, phone). Read more here: Kei