Visual Studio Code and Portable Git

When adding a portable version of Git to Visual Studio Code, there are two things to be careful of:
  1. The path to the git executable is not in the main folder. It is in /bash/git.exe or \cmd\git.exe for Linux or Windows.
  2. When adding the git path to Visual Studio Code, open the settings.json file (Settings, Preferenes) and find the Git section. Add the git.path variable, but be sure to use double backslashes: "git.path": "C:\\PortableAppsPlatform\\PortableApps\\Git\\git-bash.exe"


I’m also playing with the Visual Studio Code Github extension but I haven’t had much success.

To get it to work, get a Github Personal Access token and then, in VSC, press Ctrl + Shift + P to open the command bar, then type in Github: Set Personal Access Token.... Add your code, then press Enter. And then apparently it should work, but it isn’t doing so for me.
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