WordPress, Hotlinking, and Cloudflare

I was wondering what happened to the sites I was running the other day. Why didn’t my images show up? I re/un/installed speed booster pack, some lazy image loader plugin, and whatnot. It took a long time.

Then I realized that my images are loading off of my primary domain, not my “primary” domain–as I am a multisite user that encourages the use of the primary domain, so that I don’t have to always log into different “primary” domains. Not realized, rather, but trying to click on the image and Cloudflare giving me an error.And if I am loading off of my primary domain, it means I can’t “hotlink” to my other domains.

So, I turned off hotlinking, and voila! days of trying to solve the problem and wondering what happened solved!



Photo by WalkInfo cc