Increasing WordPress File Size Limits

How do you increase the default wordpress file size limit? There are several different things to do: Increase the file size in Settings> Media or Network> Settings for multisite Increase the file size in php.ini (/etc/php-version-and-type-/php.ini) Find these settings and change them to your desired file size: Note that memory_limit must be larger than post_max_size must […]

WordFence New Functions and Errors

While trying to troubleshoot some JetPack issues today, I ran into a new WordFence issue. A couple, actually. Here are the problems and the solutions: WordFence does not cache WordPress anymore. They removed the Falcon cache. Use CloudFlare instead! Source The WordFence Firewall page pops up an error. You might see this error: We were […]

WordPress Themes

I’m a big fan of the masonry/grid style layout of Pinterest, and I wanted to bring that look to my own websites. I started with DW Wallpress, which has a very nice layout. It’s not a full-width theme, though, limiting itself unnecessarily to something like 1000px width. I changed to the MetroX and MetroX Pirate themes, […]

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