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WordFence New Functions and Errors

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While trying to troubleshoot some JetPack issues today, I ran into a new WordFence issue. A couple, actually. Here are the problems and the solutions: WordFence does not cache WordPress anymore. They removed the Falcon cache. Use CloudFlare instead! Source…

Desktop SQL Editor

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The other day, I accidentally overwrote an older post. Luckily, I have daily backups running, so it wasn’t too hard to get a backup SQL file. But my backups are all SQL files, so I had to think hard about…

WordPress Themes

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I’m a big fan of the masonry/grid style layout of Pinterest, and I wanted to bring that look to my own websites. I started with DW Wallpress, which has a very nice layout. It’s not a full-width theme, though, limiting…

Facebook Logins

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I’ve been playing around with Facebook Logins (Developer Apps) so that I can get social logins to work with WordPress. There have been a few problems with it so far: Facebook tells me there is an OAuth error, but it…

Google and iFrames

Well, apparently, WordPress supports iframes by default now. I updated an old post that needed an iframe, and spent a lot of time looking for plugins for it, but it turns out, that wasn’t necessary. Read more here.