Windows 8

Windows 8 Installation Disk Error

Does the Windows 8 installation stall at the disk formatting screen? Do you get this error: “We couldn’t create a new partition or locate an existing one.  For more information, see the Setup log files”? There are a couple of steps to try. First, disconnect all external HDD, card readers, and take out all SD […]

How to Adjust the Touch Keyboard for Use with Word 2013: Creating a Touch Keyboard Toggle Switch

Windows 8 and Word 2013 are much better adapted to touch controls than Windows 7 and previous Windows operating systems. However, Word 2013 and all the other Office 2013 programs have a very annoying habit of popping up the touch keyboard whenever the touch panel is used. The touch keyboard can cover up to half […]

Dell XPS and Microsoft Narrator

I bought a Dell XPS 11 a while back for its super-slim form and excellent display. So far, it’s been a pleasure to use. However, I recently ran into a problem where the volume buttons started triggering Microsoft Narrator. I started looking around for the answer, and I found a few interesting things. This apparently […]

PrivacyWare PrivateFirewall and Windows HomeGroups

Why don’t HomeGroups work with PrivateFirewall? Here’s how to fix it.   Update (4/21/2013): This post has been updated to fix some more issues. The quick summary is this: Open all TCP and UDP ports for SVCHost and System (System Services) from 137-65535 for the local network (low security). Add all HomeGroup computers to the […]

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