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Raspberry Pi USB Boot Mode

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About Boot Mode The Raspberry Pi 3 can now be booted from a compatible USB drive. It works pretty well, but there are no noticeable differences in speed between a good SD card and a good USB drive. Primarily, cost…

Raspbian Jessie – Dig not found

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While updating my RPi for a Cloudflare auto-ip-updater script, I ran into an issue where the dig command couldn’t be found. Also, the dnsutils package containing dig was not in the Raspbian repository. So, you can easily replace the dnsutils…

OpenVPN AutoLogin Script

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The following is an OpenVPN autologin script for my portable Raspberry Pi Kodi media center. It starts an OpenVPN connection on boot.   Dependencies The Expect package A folder containing an OpenVPN configuration file A folder for the script (I…