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PiVPN, Static/Dynamic Server Names, and CloudFlare DNS – Part 4

As I build more and more Pi-based systems, I find the need to add management scripts for accessing SSH, OpenVPN, and all kinds of other tools. This leads me to version 4 of the CloudFlare Dynamic DNS AutoIP updater script. It’s now hosted on GitHub. Pulling off of GitHub: Cloudflare-Subdomain-AutoIP-Updater Create a private Dynamic DNS […]

PiVPN, Static/Dynamic Server Names, and CloudFlare DNS – Part 1

The last few days, I’ve been working on a vpn server for my home network. It’s so that my family all over the world can see the pictures of my son, which are hosted on a local server. However, I don’t want to expose those pictures to the world, hence the need for a vpn. While […]

PiVPN, Static/Dynamic Server Names, and CloudFlare DNS – Part 2

I talked about how to use PiVPN to set up an OpenVPN server on a Raspberry Pi at home previously, here and here. The next step for me was to use CloudFlare as a DNS server, instead of signing up for yet another internet service and having another login here or there to worry about. […]

PiVPN, Static/Dynamic Server Names, and CloudFlare DNS – Part 3

Before, I had written about a CloudFlare auto-ip-updating script, but it required a lot of user input and a lot of user effort. Luckily, or not, I  crashed my OMV server, and I think an error ate up my PiVPN sd card. So I had to start all over! This time, I updated the CloudFlare […]

OMV Raspberry Pi 3 Loss of Wifi (wlan0)

An OMV server running OMV 3 (Erasmus) may experience a loss of wifi (wlan0) due to drivers being removed from the backports package. Run the code below to download the broadcom wifi controller drivers and re-enable wifi (wlan0) (from OMV forums)   Consequently, this is also a good time to learn about wireless network troubleshooting […]

Raspbian Jessie – Dig not found

While updating my RPi for a Cloudflare auto-ip-updater script, I ran into an issue where the dig command couldn’t be found. Also, the dnsutils package containing dig was not in the Raspbian repository. So, you can easily replace the dnsutils package with the knot-dnsutils package, and you get dig back. Install with sudo apt-get install […]

Raspberry Pi OMV Server – Part 4

I previously created a RPi3 OMV server to share some pictures and movies across the network. But I configured the underlying Debian  to check for updates outside of OMV, which means it probably upgraded to Debian 8 Jessie instead of staying with Debian 7 Wheezy. Since OMV was based on version 2 (Stoneburner), it crashed […]

Self-Hosted File Server and FreeFileSync Error 1314

Did you ever get this code while using FreeFileSync: “Windows Error Code 1314: A required privilege is not held by the client.“? I did. Many times. I thought it was a Linux file permission error on my Raspberry Pi 3 OMV setup, and I chmodded and chowned an unbelievable amount of times, to no effect. […]

OpenVPN AutoLogin Script

The following is an OpenVPN autologin script for my portable Raspberry Pi Kodi media center. It starts an OpenVPN connection on boot.   Dependencies The Expect package A folder containing an OpenVPN configuration file A folder for the script (I put it in the same OpenVPN folder)   Script Creation sudo apt-get install expect sudo […]

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