Fail2Ban and PostFix Mail.Warn Error

I keep getting a weird error where Fail2Ban refuses to start due to a bad log location. It looks like this: fail2ban-client[##]: ERROR No file(s) found for glob /var/log/mail.warn Looking at /var/log/, there are no mail.warn logs. PostFix only logs to mail.log and mail.err. So what to do is to edit the jail.conf or other local […]

Troubleshooting PostFix Message Size Too Big

I finally got around to reading my PostFix logs, and I found a few big errors. One of them was fatal: address(##): message file too big The problem is probably in these two settings in the PostFix main config: message_size_limit and mailbox_size_limit Check the configuration using: postconf | grep size postconf -d | grep size where the […]

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