You can use both Gandi BaseKit websites and Google Sites together, but you have to remember the “.”.

When editing Zone Files (DNS settings) at Gandi, remember to add an extra “.” at the end of each value, or settings will not work.

This is particularly useful when you want to combine a Gandi BaseKit website with various Google Sites websites.

For example, I run a BaseKit site at, and I want to use Google Sites to get around the 3 page free limit for BaseKit. So to add a Google Site to Gandi, I need to map the site using Google Apps Domain settings, log into Gandi, and add the following setting to the Zone File:

Example: SubDomain TTL IN CNAME GoogleDNSURL.

In Reality: Test 10800 IN CNAME

Credits go to Google Apps Help.

Google Short Links is a very useful link shortening tool, coming in especially handy when used to shorten links from Google Drive. Those that own a site and host it on Google Apps can easily add Short Links to their apps by installing it from the App marketplace. The link is here.

However, there are times when admins will forget how to log back into the Short Links controls. Most admins will set custom subdomains for Google Short Links, but the default is at, while the the default admin page is at

Simply pointing a browser at the URL may not always bring up the administration interface, so be sure to point it to the page.

Some more information can be had at Labnol.