Windows 8 Installation Disk Error

Does the Windows 8 installation stall at the disk formatting screen? Do you get this error: “We couldn’t create a new partition or locate an existing one.  For more information, see the Setup log files”? There are a couple of steps to try. First, disconnect all external HDD, card readers, and take out all SD […]

Raspbian Jessie – Dig not found

While updating my RPi for a Cloudflare auto-ip-updater script, I ran into an issue where the dig command couldn’t be found. Also, the dnsutils package containing dig was not in the Raspbian repository. So, you can easily replace the dnsutils package with the knot-dnsutils package, and you get dig back. Install with sudo apt-get install […]

WordFence New Functions and Errors

While trying to troubleshoot some JetPack issues today, I ran into a new WordFence issue. A couple, actually. Here are the problems and the solutions: WordFence does not cache WordPress anymore. They removed the Falcon cache. Use CloudFlare instead! Source The WordFence Firewall page pops up an error. You might see this error: We were […]

CrashPlan and File Permissions

CrashPlan is a great data backup service. It has some drawbacks, such as high memory use and slow speeds (being based on Java), but it has some terrific benefits as well. It is about the only program that allows you to store data on multiple computers and on the computers of friends, a free option. […]

Troubleshooting OMV/Pi – No /home/usr directory

While working on my Raspberry Pi, I got this error after SSHing in: Could not chdir to home directory : No such file or directory The benefit of a home directory is that commands are logged, so that the next time one logs in, an up key press can bring up previous commands. Therefore, it would […]

Ubuntu Upgrade and Sync

A mounted drive and duply are a good combination for backup data to a remote location. Duply allows for encrypted backups, and the encryption also helps to prevent bit rot. A remote drive is useful for keeping cloud-based servers free of extraneous data, which is especially useful when paying per GB per month for […]

Troubleshooting OMV/Pi – Mounting and Renaming Drives

The Raspberry Pi 2 (and 3) apparently has a problem with mounting USB drives at boot. This is probably due to the slow spin-up speed of HDD-based externals and the relatively fast boot of the Pi. How to fix a Pi mounting error: Edit the Pi boot config: sudo nano /boot/cmdline.txt Add this line: rootdelay=5 Change […]

Fail2Ban and PostFix Mail.Warn Error

I keep getting a weird error where Fail2Ban refuses to start due to a bad log location. It looks like this: fail2ban-client[##]: ERROR No file(s) found for glob /var/log/mail.warn Looking at /var/log/, there are no mail.warn logs. PostFix only logs to mail.log and mail.err. So what to do is to edit the jail.conf or other local […]

Troubleshooting PostFix Message Size Too Big

I finally got around to reading my PostFix logs, and I found a few big errors. One of them was fatal: address(##): message file too big The problem is probably in these two settings in the PostFix main config: message_size_limit and mailbox_size_limit Check the configuration using: postconf | grep size postconf -d | grep size where the […]

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