PiVPN, Static/Dynamic Server Names, and CloudFlare DNS – Part 4

As I build more and more Pi-based systems, I find the need to add management scripts for accessing SSH, OpenVPN, and all kinds of other tools. This leads me to version 4 of the CloudFlare Dynamic DNS AutoIP updater script. It’s now hosted on GitHub. Pulling off of GitHub: Cloudflare-Subdomain-AutoIP-Updater Create a private Dynamic DNS […]

PiVPN, Static/Dynamic Server Names, and CloudFlare DNS – Part 1

The last few days, I’ve been working on a vpn server for my home network. It’s so that my family all over the world can see the pictures of my son, which are hosted on a local server. However, I don’t want to expose those pictures to the world, hence the need for a vpn. While […]

PiVPN, Static/Dynamic Server Names, and CloudFlare DNS – Part 2

I talked about how to use PiVPN to set up an OpenVPN server on a Raspberry Pi at home previously, here and here. The next step for me was to use CloudFlare as a DNS server, instead of signing up for yet another internet service and having another login here or there to worry about. […]

PiVPN, Static/Dynamic Server Names, and CloudFlare DNS – Part 3

Before, I had written about a CloudFlare auto-ip-updating script, but it required a lot of user input and a lot of user effort. Luckily, or not, I  crashed my OMV server, and I think an error ate up my PiVPN sd card. So I had to start all over! This time, I updated the CloudFlare […]

How to Remove Private Information from the Internet

There’s a lot of private information on the internet. Your credit card companies, banks, grocery stores, discount clubs… basically everyone in the US is selling your data to 3rd party information aggregators, who in turn process it and sell it to other interested people. Why should you be concerned? If people have your name, they learn […]

How to Export LastPass key databases to KeePass

Lastpass is a great tool for keeping users secure, but it is not free across mobile and desktop platforms. With a little work, KeePass can be installed and configured to use the same password data as LastPass. You will need an app called MiniKeePass on iOS or Android KeePass on Android or the equivalent. You will […]

How to Paste Excel Spreadsheets into Word Documents

Long-time users of Office often need to copy Excel data into Word and vice versa. There are often errors, though, as Word likes to convert spreadsheets into tables that often do not fit the document’s formatting or size. Instead of converting into a table, use the “Save as Picture” option. While this doesn’t allow for […]

How to Adjust the Touch Keyboard for Use with Word 2013: Creating a Touch Keyboard Toggle Switch

Windows 8 and Word 2013 are much better adapted to touch controls than Windows 7 and previous Windows operating systems. However, Word 2013 and all the other Office 2013 programs have a very annoying habit of popping up the touch keyboard whenever the touch panel is used. The touch keyboard can cover up to half […]

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