A Nice Guy Contacted Me

A few days ago, I got a really nice message from someone. It’s nice to know that someone benefits from what I do. And apparently, I had almost 400 hits on this site in December, according to WordPress! Fun stuff. Apparently, I need to get my comments working again. If you want to contact me, […]

PiVPN, Static/Dynamic Server Names, and CloudFlare DNS – Part 4

As I build more and more Pi-based systems, I find the need to add management scripts for accessing SSH, OpenVPN, and all kinds of other tools. This leads me to version 4 of the CloudFlare Dynamic DNS AutoIP updater script. It’s now hosted on GitHub. Pulling off of GitHub: Cloudflare-Subdomain-AutoIP-Updater Create a private Dynamic DNS […]

How to Remove Private Information from the Internet

There’s a lot of private information on the internet. Your credit card companies, banks, grocery stores, discount clubs… basically everyone in the US is selling your data to 3rd party information aggregators, who in turn process it and sell it to other interested people. Why should you be concerned? If people have your name, they learn […]

PiVPN, Static/Dynamic Server Names, and CloudFlare DNS – Part 3

Before, I had written about a CloudFlare auto-ip-updating script, but it required a lot of user input and a lot of user effort. Luckily, or not, I  crashed my OMV server, and I think an error ate up my PiVPN sd card. So I had to start all over! This time, I updated the CloudFlare […]

Ad Blocker Performance on the Desktop has a good write-up about ad blocker performance on the desktop. The best browser extension to use, according to them, is uBlock Origin. Having used Disconnect, Bluhell Firewall, and other such adblockers, I noticed that uBlock does indeed have very good performance. Although Disconnect does offer a VPN-based ad blocker on iOS, which the […]

Fail2Ban and PostFix Mail.Warn Error

I keep getting a weird error where Fail2Ban refuses to start due to a bad log location. It looks like this: fail2ban-client[##]: ERROR No file(s) found for glob /var/log/mail.warn Looking at /var/log/, there are no mail.warn logs. PostFix only logs to mail.log and mail.err. So what to do is to edit the jail.conf or other local […]

Troubleshooting PostFix Message Size Too Big

I finally got around to reading my PostFix logs, and I found a few big errors. One of them was fatal: address(##): message file too big The problem is probably in these two settings in the PostFix main config: message_size_limit and mailbox_size_limit Check the configuration using: postconf | grep size postconf -d | grep size where the […]

How to Export LastPass key databases to KeePass

Lastpass is a great tool for keeping users secure, but it is not free across mobile and desktop platforms. With a little work, KeePass can be installed and configured to use the same password data as LastPass. You will need an app called MiniKeePass on iOS or Android KeePass on Android or the equivalent. You will […]

How to Paste Excel Spreadsheets into Word Documents

Long-time users of Office often need to copy Excel data into Word and vice versa. There are often errors, though, as Word likes to convert spreadsheets into tables that often do not fit the document’s formatting or size. Instead of converting into a table, use the “Save as Picture” option. While this doesn’t allow for […]

WordPress Themes

I’m a big fan of the masonry/grid style layout of Pinterest, and I wanted to bring that look to my own websites. I started with DW Wallpress, which has a very nice layout. It’s not a full-width theme, though, limiting itself unnecessarily to something like 1000px width. I changed to the MetroX and MetroX Pirate themes, […]

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