Apt is the newest alternative to Apt-Get and comes with a variety of improvements. As such, it is the suggested default for Ubuntu and other distributions. Here are some of the equivalent commands for Apt and Apt-Get.

APT Commands APT-GET Commands Description
apt update apt-get update Update source lists and package cache
 apt -y COMMAND apt-get -y –force-yes COMMAND Force yes
sudo DEBIAN_FRONTEND=noninteractive apt-get -y COMMAND Force yes and without user interaction
apt upgrade apt-get upgrade Upgrade packages
apt full-upgrade apt-get dist-upgrade Upgrade system OS
apt install package XXX apt-get install package XXX Install package
apt remove package XXX apt-get remove package XXX Remove package (leaves configuration files)
apt purge package XXX apt-get purge package XXX Remove package and configuration files
apt autoremove XXX apt-get autoremove XXX Remove package and unnecessary dependencies
apt autoremove –purge apt-get autoremove –purge Remove packages, configurations, and unnecessary dependencies
apt –reinstall install XXX apt-get install –reinstall         XXX Reinstall packages
apt-get check Check for broken dependencies
apt-get -f install Fix broken dependencies
apt clean apt-get clean Remove all packages from package cache
apt autoclean apt-get autoclean Remove packages for uninstalled programs from package cache
apt search XXX apt-cache search XXX Search package cache for XXX
apt show XXX apt-cache show XXX
apt list –installed dpkg –get-selections | grep -v deinstall List installed packages
apt list –installed dpkg -l List installed packages
apt edit-sources echo ‘new line of text’ | sudo tee -a /etc/apt/sources.list Add a new package source
apt edit-sources sudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list Add a new package source
apt depends XXX apt-cache XXX Find package dependencies (packages that XXX needs)
apt rdepends XXX apt-rdepends XXX Find reverse dependencies (packages that need XXX)
apt policy XXX  apt-cache policy XXX Set package update policy
apt held  dpkg –get-selections | grep hold List packages with prevented ugprades
apt hold XXX echo XXX hold | sudo dpkg –set-selections Prevent upgrade of package
apt unhold XXX echo XXX install | sudo dpkg –set-selections Remove hold on package upgrade
apt list –upgradable (sudo not required) apt-get -u upgrade –assume-no (sudo required) List upgradeable packages
aptitude show XXX Get package description
apt-cache show XXX
dpkg -p XXX Get package description
aptitude why XXX Detail packages dependent on XXX
dpkg -S


Searches for package dependent containing XXX filename