How to Export LastPass key databases to KeePass

Lastpass is a great tool for keeping users secure, but it is not free across mobile and desktop platforms. With a little work, KeePass can be installed and configured to use the same password data as LastPass.

You will need an app called MiniKeePass on iOS or Android KeePass on Android or the equivalent. You will also need Excel and NotePad.

Here’s the general process:

  1. Export the LastPass database to a csv file.
  2. Open the csv file in Excel.
  3. Remove the last column (the favorites column).
  4. Save the csv file.
  5. Open an iOS file manager and navigate to the MiniKeePass data folder.
  6. Export the database file to the MiniKeePass app.

Alternatively, MiniKeePass can sync with DropBox. Just make sure your master password is secure when syncing through DropBox.

Also, Windows and Excel do not have very good multi-language support out of the box. Special characters and foreign languages are often deleted when opening in Excel.  To keep UTF-8 special characters and prevent conversion to ANSI, open the csv database in Notepad, first. Then save it as a UTF-8 csv file before opening it with Excel.


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