Facebook Logins

I’ve been playing around with Facebook Logins (Developer Apps) so that I can get social logins to work with WordPress. There have been a few problems with it so far:

  1. Facebook tells me there is an OAuth error, but it doesn’t tell me how to fix it.

So, I looked a the help page they linked, looked through all the Basic and Advanced settings, but the OAuth section wasn’t there! Where was it? Under Products> (App Name). Move fast and break things indeed!

  1. Facebook limits the number of domains I can use.

Well, I want to add a lot of domains for my WP MultiSite, but apparently, you can only use 5 domains, and only 1 website at that. How to work around this? Add a new Facebook Canvas or App and put the domain there. Then you can add multiple website domains. It is probably recommended to add a new app for each domain, but I’m not too serious a developer yet.