New Balance Kids Shoes in Japan

Just a note from the notes file:

New Balance shoes in Japan run in different shoe widths, but for kids, the widths are not stated.

However, the codes for shoes is a hint for width:

  • 300-series shoes are more narrow in width
  • 600-series are more narrow
  • 500-series are wider
  • 900-series are wider

Unfortunately, there’s a lot of trial and error left over. And NB doesn’t stock in all sizes for all models and colors, either. For example, my son’s 15-wide feet fall in a gap between the 504s that he likes (up to 14 cm) and the 574s that probably would fit (from 17 cm).

IFME shoes are also pretty wide, depending on the model. We bought a pair once that didn’t fit at all, and with no returns…