Windows 10 and the EETI Touchscreen Device (Acer W500)

As an owner of an Acer W500 touchscreen tablet PC, I was eager to upgrade to Windows 10. The upgrade seemed to run fine, although I had to restore the system using the Windows 10 system restore tool due to an error or conflict with the Explorer UI.

Everything seemed to work fine until yesterday, when the touchscreen stopped working. I had to plug in an external mouse in order to click things, and I used the On Screen Keyboard from Ease of Use settings to type things in very slowly.

What was the cause? I learned on HP forums that the newest version of the EETI Galax touchscreen device did not function properly. A poster suggested opening the Device Manager, finding the touchscreen device under Mice and Other Pointing Devices, then rolling back the driver. I did, and it worked.

Until the next day. After I restarted the system, I had an unknown device and zero touch capability.

I tried installing the official Acer touchscreen drivers, but as there is only a version for Windows 7, it didn’t work. I tried downloading the latest EETI PCAP touchscreen driver (Projected Capacitive), which installed, but didn’t seem to fix anything.

So I restarted again, and the “unknown device” reverted back to the old (newest), nonworking update. Another post on the HP forums said to use the EETI PCAP driver patch.  Thankfully, it worked, and I uninstalled the EETI Galax driver package using Revo Uninstaller.

For those using the HP TouchSmart or the Acer W500, this seems to work… for now.