Solutions for Mapping OneDrive as a Local Drive

Cloud storage is immensely useful for data security and accessibility purposes. Most tech enthusiasts recognize that WebDAV is one of the best (default) solutions for creating mappings to online storage. In fact, this website is backed up to DropBox and through mapped WebDAV connections.

How can WebDAV be used with OneDrive?

One solution is through using the OneDrive user link. TechAttend has a tutorial for standard accounts, but there are updated tutorials here. Basically, open OneDrive in the web for a URL containing the customer ID. Map the folder with customer ID as a drive, then input the username and password when required, and if using two-factor authentication, generate an app password instead of the standard user password. There is a script to do this here.

Another solution is less secure, but can also be used with Google Drive. CarotDAV is a portable tool that stores user logins in unencrypted XML, but does allow users to map drives to the CarotDAV server, which maps to a single letter. It is automatic and easy to use.

WebDAV solutions, however, are slow and inaccurate, so don’t depend on them for everything!