Multisite Mass Comment Editing of Posts

When creating a site on WordPress using a multisite install, some of us simply duplicate a blog to retain most of our settings. If the base blog, however, has disabled commenting on posts, the new blog will also have comments disabled. After many, many posts, some of us may have noticed that comments have been disabled.

How to fix it at this late stage? It is actually quite easy.

Using a MySQL query, comments on all posts can be either opened or closed. Use the following.

UPDATE wp_posts SET comment_status = "open" ;
UPDATE wp_posts SET comment_status = "closed" ;

How to access MySQL? There are many options:

  1. Use a tool like PuTTTY to access your webserver and open MySQL.
  2. Run a query through PHPMyAdmin
  3. Install and use the database manager plugin from Lester Chan

Multisite owners should edit wp_posts to use their database prefix and the number of the site they want to use. Find the site number at ..wp-admin/network/sites.php so that the query looks like this:

UPDATE PREFIX_NUMBER_posts SET comment_status = "open" ;


A simpler but more tedious method is to adjust the All Posts page so that all posts are visible, select all, and bulk edit them to allow or disallow comments.