Portable Apps and Relative Shortcuts on USB Drives

Those of us who use portable apps on our USB drives often run into the following problem: when using another PC, the shortcuts often don’t work anymore.

To work around this issue, use relative paths for shortcuts. To create this, follow the directions from Deano.me:

  1. Create a shortcut to the program.
  2. Right click and go to “Properties” on the shortcut.
  3. Modify the “Target” path to add “%windir%\explorer.exe” followed by the relative path to your program (i.e. %windir%\explorer.exe “PortableFirefox/Firefox.exe”)
  4. Delete anything in the “Start in” field and leave it blank. This forces explorer to use the current folder as the base of operations.
  5. Save or Apply and test the shortcut.

This should make it much easier for those of us with portable toolkits.


  • http://deano.me/2014/10/relative-path-shortcut-in-windows/