Japanese people, like us Americans, like to name things after popular figures. Some students are actually called Naruto.

I recently made a friend called Taiwa (大和), which is also read as Yamato, the same as the most famous battleship of the Japanese fleet in WW2. When he was in school, one of his classmates was Musashi (武蔵), named for the second most famous battleship, the sister ship of the Yamato–which was sunk a year before the Yamato was sunk.

Apparently, one time, Taiwa and Musashi collided at school–the nurse said both were fine, and sent them back to class–and the boy that turned out to have broken his collarbone was Musashi, thus validating the known fact that the Yamato was stronger than the Musashi.

After all, it’s not called Space Battleship Musashi.